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Blue Rose Quilting

My name is Judy and I hope today is a great day for you and just so you know a little about how I came to be a quilter......... Crafting came naturally to me and as a child growing up, with a crafty Mother and Grandmother I was always making, designing or inventing something to do with my hands, from knitting, crochet, embroidery and making my dolls' clothes as a child, I graduated to patchwork and quilting as a young mother in a futile attempt to utilize scraps left over from making my own and the family clothing. Every patch worker knows that using up scraps never works for long and there is never quite enough of what we need, so off to the fabric shop we go....for more scraps!!

please also note that sometimes a product will show as out of stock, perhaps it is....very likely I have not had time to update stock when my shipments arrive.  
It's worth a call or email before you checkout, just in case I do have your colour.

Quilting my patchwork was the next step and for many years I relied on a succession of trusty Bernina sewing machines to accomplish that, often spending days and weeks rolling and re-rolling quilts to access all areas. The first time I saw a Longarm system I knew I had to have one, I could immediately see the benefits of such a machine to expand my quilting ability.

In 2000, I leased my first APQS longarm and then followed a massive learning curve as I learned to master the machine, in the process developing skills and a passion for longarm quilting, this led me into quilting for other people, after lots of charity quilts to hone my skills on, however, all this time, I struggled to find threads that performed well for me and my machine.

Suitable threads for high speed industrial machines vary in composition, appearance, durability, colour range and of course, price, availability and country of origin. In 2010 I was encouraged to try Fil-Tec threads and to my delight and amazement I found that not only do these threads perform beyond anything I have ever used, they look wonderful and come in a huge range of colours and types, I use predominately Glide top thread and Magna-glide bobbins for my quilting and machine embroidery projects and Cairo 100% cotton for my piecing and general sewing, I really enjoy using them all and feel priviledged to be an Australian Distributor.